The Archives of Salaried Employees holds the historical records of associations, organizations and private people, related to the Finnish trade union organization. We hold the archives of the two trade union confederations, Akava and STTK, their predecessors, and member organizations and associations. There are altogether more than 1,200 records creators’ archives, from the period of 1860’s to the present, offering a broad insight into the history of trade unions, occupations, and work life in Finland.

Most of our holdings are in textual form and presented in Finnish or Swedish only. However, international material in English and other languages can also be found, such as documents concerning international relations of some of the trade unions, annual reports, and other prints. The cataloguing information of all the records can be found via our online database (opens in new browser window).

The Archives of Salaried Employees is a nonprofit association which aims to make the historical records of trade unions available for research and to be studied by anyone who requires the information. However, due to the general data protection regulations and the nature of the archives, you might need a permit to access some of them. Please contact our staff for further information! 

Photographs and other audio-visual materials

Our holdings also include a vast collection of drawings, photographs and various audio and video recordings. There are altogether thousands of photographs presented in photographic prints, negatives, and slides. The topics vary from official meetings and profile pictures to seminars, parties and ceremonies, leisure activities, and photos presenting work environments and occupations. The cataloguing informations of photographs and other audio-visual material is included in general catalogues, and is not held separately. However, some of the material is available in digital form and can be accessed via our online  database.

Photo Samples